I wanted to leap
Right out of the car today
Spotting bluebonnets


In the Midst of a Miracle

In the midst of a miracle
I never know where to turn
I never know where to look
The soft clear colors as light streams through stained glass
The strong lines of glory rays as the sun pours through clouds
The sparkling points of brightness on the water as waves flow

The stained glass light whispers “be still”
The glory rays whisper “this is the way”
The dancing waters whisper “come and play”

In the midst of a miracle
All I really know
Is that light is always present
Around me
Within me
And most certainly
Beyond me

The Beginning (remembering Mary Travers)

Apparent Grace

On my way home tonight
Stuck in traffic
I saw the Arena Theatre
Where twenty years ago
My husband and I saw Peter, Paul, and Mary.

I remember what I wore
A black long-sleeved T-shirt
And a skirt made of fabric from South America.
The night was breezy and we held hands
Like the newly-weds we were.

A happy audience
Bathing in memories of summer camp
And singing around the fire.
You could feel the peace
As we sang along.

This music rang through much of my life.
I miss knowing Mary is with us,
But give thanks for the gift of her life and her joy.
For songs that passed from my parents to me to my child,
Songs that all my friends know by heart.

So tonight’s traffic jam
Even in exhaustion
Offered the surprise of happiness
Seeing the Arena Theatre
Remembering Peter, Paul, and Mary.

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Last Day

As April ends
So does NaPoWriMo.
And though days have been missed
(This last time three more)
Many days have brought moments
To play with words,
Beautiful words,
Trying to give voice
To days that come and go,
To lives that unfold before us,
To hearts that pray in silence
And hold those they love
In the light.
A blessed month,
This tender April.
I give thanks for
The poems we have written
This month, and for
The poems that lie ahead
In days and years still to come.

Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate and vanilla
Cinnamon Toast Crunch and chocolate mints
Oreos and malted milk balls
Caramel and hot fudge.

A riot of flavor
Smooth and creamy
Crunchy and sweet
Frosted animal cookies.

When the world has been hard
And nothing is certain
Frozen yogurt (almost) always
Rights the planet.

Such an easy way to sight a
Happy smiley Friday night.

Four Missed Days

Four missed days
Four missed poems.

Thursday was surgery in the family
Far away but close in prayer.

Friday was an evacuation at work
And safety at last in Boston.

Saturday was a day at the fairgrounds
Saying goodbye to an FFA pig.

Sunday was peace and worship at my church
And Gilmore Girls DVD’s with my daughter.

It may be NaPoWriMo but
These four days poems were not written but lived.

We write and our breath catches moments
Moving across our lives and our hearts.